Education Through Online Career Schools

Would you like to increase your career prospects without attending classes and going to college? If you wish to continue your studies at your own time and change your job or seek better progression in your present job, whenever you have the time, the answer to all these lie in career schools online.

The internet is an excellent place for you to find some online courses that would be helpful in career development. olcareersch If want to advance upward and succeed in your job, it is crucial that you have plans on career development. An excellent way to push through with this is to enrol yourself for some online courses need in career development. Nowadays, community college and several universities are offering students with more number of classes which may be taken online. This would be great for busy professional since it will make development in their careers more accessible and a whole lot easier.

What are career schools online?

Online career schools are perhaps the best places where you can earn degrees in almost any subject. When looking through the different websites and looking for a degree, you will find that there are several names of colleges and schools aside from the diploma or degree programs. These are examples of online career schools where you should register yourself in before you can actually get a degree. You might as well search through online how to get CNA certification and some other information in getting information for lab technician and to other high-end class education.

You might become a law enforcing teacher or a nail technician depending n your taste. There are lots of schools that offers technical studies such as studies for ECG technical courses, medical technical courses, x-ray technician program and a lot more. There as well that would accept apprentices. Thus, this programs widens up the range for medical assistant careers, dental assistant and others. We should not forget about nursing assistant as well.
What are the features of these online career schools?

There are a few distinguishing features that make these online career schools different from te regular community colleges and schools. Some of these features include:

· The accreditations for online career schools are dependent on the close links which they maintain with business houses in the locality. In fact, you will discover that this link has a big impact on the curriculum and courses of the schools. Traditional schools do not need to maintain this relationship with business houses and thus, the curriculum that they follow are different than those which are followed by online career schools.
· Career schools online are not being overseen by the board of governors of the state. It is the Accrediting Council for Independent Schools and Colleges which ensure and see to it that the standards for education that these schools follow are at par with the ones being offered by traditional colleges and schools that offer distance education programs.

What are the advantages of these online career schools?

No regular institution can offer you with so many benefits like those that are being provided by career schools online. Here are some of the advantages that you can enjoy with online carer schools:

· They help you determine your aptitude
Some sites which offer you online courses and degrees have their own system of aptitude tests. This kind of test is used to determine one’s professional strength and techniques on how you can properly utilize them. After you have succeeded in these tests, you may be able to find the right courses suited for you. This is clearly seen through therapists courses such as for massage therapy and respiratory therapists.
· You do not need to be physically present in classes
Generally, online classes would be held in the website of these career schools online, although there are a few exceptions. You can find that all the course materials and lectures would already be posted in the site and you may easily post your suggestions or questions about the course in their own bulletin board. You can always have the access to widen up your knowledge specially in visual contexts. This really would students that would pursue ultrasound imaging careers as well as for students that would enroll to culinary arts since they may play their and then the videos available for their lectures.
· Help is always available

If you register in a career school online, there is an academic instructor who will help you with the curriculum. You may also seek the help of you fellow enrolees when you are studying.

· It is very cost-effective

Although the cost of studying will depend on the program and the school that you choose, inline courses are generally cheaper compared to traditional ones. The cost of one credit may range from $100 to $300. You may need to pay extra for the enrolment charges or additional registration.

Moreover, paying for tuition charges is not needed anymore. You may combines these cots to the amount that you will save on parking, food, and fuel which you might need to pat if you will be going to a traditional institute or school, and you will realize that it is way better if you will enrol yourself in an online career school.

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How to Obtain your CNA Certification

The world of healthcare is a fascinating place for many individuals. The smell of bleach, medications and the whitewashed walls of the hospital always seems like a place full of peaceful and sometimes electrifying activities for those who work in it. The world will always have a need for certified nursing assistants because they are the ones who can take care of the patients in place of the nurses who need to concentrate on a lot of things. The registered nurses can work safely in their station, knowing that if anything goes wrong, the certified nursing assistant will be the first one to notify them.

Certified nursing assistants work closely with the registered nurses in order to render effective care for patients who are unable to perform activities of daily living properly. In the old days, nurses had to do everything in the hospital including bathing and feeding clients who needed help and as a result, the care for patients becomes fragmented or incomplete. Nursing assistants take the extra work from the nurses and make sure that the patient receives the same amount of professional care that the nurses can offer. They regularly help the client with bathing, toileting and feeding and monitor vital signs of those clients that need meticulous care. Those that have CNA certification are in high demand by prospective employers since the certification is a form of assurance to the employers that the person they are hiring is extremely qualified and able to work.

CNA certification is usually earned by enrolling in a vocational school or community college. In some cases, CNA certification is earned through the Red Cross, which also offers classes for can training. The CNA certification program can last for weeks or months, depending on the curriculum you are attending. The training program is usually taught by a registered nurse who will teach you the basics in caring for a client in any setting. In order to enroll in a class, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent and have a natural love for everything related to science and mathematics. There are a lot of subjects you will take that include science and you will certainly have a hard time adapting if you do not like the subjects. In the training program, the method of learning usually though a hands-on approach with a partner or dummy. The nurse will show you how to optimize the muscles in your body so you won’t suffer from the typical aches and pains of someone who works in the hospital. You will also learn how to communicate effectively with a client who seems to be withdrawn or depressed. A lot of times, nursing assistants need to establish rapport with their clients as they will be invading their client’s personal space. In times like these, the client must be comfortable enough to allow the nursing assistant to provide service.

After the training program is over, you will earn your CNA certification by taking a written and practical exam. The exam is usually given by the school or the state so check out your state requirements in order to qualify for employment.

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Becoming a Law Enforcement Teacher

Criminal Justice Careers are divided into so many different branches. One of them is being a law enforcement teacher. This particular career focuses on initiating, facilitating and moderating classroom discussions. Teachers keep themselves updated with the latest developments through reading, conversing with other law enforcement professionals and attending conferences and forums. They also assess their students’ grades through assignments and papers. Their lectures usually talk about criminal law, defensive policing and investigation processes. Teachers provide their students with course materials like syllabic, assignments and handouts. They are the ones who usually collect and check their students class work. However, if they are called for to work on something else, they can assign an assistant to do this for them.

Other than delivering lectures to undergraduates and graduates, law enforcement teachers also perform researches on a particular topic that is assigned to them. They compile and print out their researches in journals, books or electronic media. Their researches are used as reference by other careers in the field. That is why teachers are very careful and particular in detail when it comes to their work. Their tasks also include assessing and revising the curricula and course content of the course. They play a very important role in planning the course materials that should be used and the methods of teaching that should be implemented and followed.
Law enforcement teachers are the ones who handle research work, graduate teaching and internship supervision. They also monitor their student’s attendance in class as it can strongly affect a student’s grade and performance. They decide on which material and supplies are needed by the students to efficiently understand the discussions and lectures. These materials include textbooks and print outs.

Teachers also go the extra mile to guide their students in choosing the most suitable career path for them. As they can see a student’s strengths and weaknesses in class, they can give out helpful tips and suggestions to their student. That’s one of the reasons why law enforcement teachers have a regular office schedule, so they can cater to their student’s academic and career needs. They also advise their students on issues regarding academic and vocational curricula. A student’s grade and performance in class is used as a basis by teachers for the assessments and feedback that they give to a certain student.

The beauty of this particular criminal justice career is that law enforcement teachers get to collaborate and discuss issues with their colleagues as if taking up culinary arts. This is very helpful in the development of their teaching techniques and research processes. Have you heard of the saying that two minds work better than one? Well, if several teachers gather up to discuss these issues then they are more likely to hit on the disadvantages and improve it. A law enforcement teacher writes proposals to incur funding for their researches. They also work for organizations that are focused on institutional policies, departmental matters and academic issues. This career plays a vital role in recruiting and training the right individuals who will be next in line in protecting the country and the people from illegal and dangerous matters.

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A Career As a Nail Technician

What do nail technicians usually do? Nail technicians gives a variety of services for their customers hands and feet. They are responsible in cleaning, shaping and polishing fingernails and toenails. They groom the cuticles and apply lotion to the hands and feet. Some also uses a variety of artificial nails and create nail arts by decorating the nails with stencils, ornaments and glitters. Nail technicians also work and uses a variety of small implements in their work like nail sticks, files, cuticle instruments and tweezers. The more skill a tech shows the hire the nail technician salary will likely be. Wages of a nail tech are often times determined by place of employment, formal training and skill set.

A manicure procedure usually involves by removing an old polish, shaping the nails, softening and trimming the cuticles, cleansing the hands and nails, applying a coat and hand lotion. Nail technicians must make sure that all instruments are sanitized in order to prevent the spread of diseases since a lot of fungus and infections may spread through these equipments when not properly cleaned.

A man’s manicure is more conservative compared to the woman’s. The process may be similar but the men prefer to have a dry nail polish or to let the nails buffed. Pedicures are becoming more popular and important for salon services. The procedure for a pedicure is like a manicure and includes the use of a low stool for the nail technician and an ottoman for the client’s feet.

If one wants to become a nail technician, they must complete a nail technician training. These nail technician courses consist of series of classes that covers different manicure and pedicure techniques. They are also taught on the health and safety, legal issues and professional ethics. In these classes, they must complete a number of clinical hours allowing one to practice the techniques that one needs to learn about. Once you have complied all course requirements, you must pass a state certification exam to become a licensed nail professional. Nail technician training courses are offered in cosmetology schools and technical schools in different areas. A lot of programs require there applicants to be at least 16 years of age. It also requires a high school diploma or a GED. Different states require these nail technicians to complete a number of training hours before taking the licensure exam. The duration of the nail technician training will depend on the law of the state where one is studying.

Lectures are a major part of the nail technician courses. During the classes, a person will be able to lean on different techniques by applying nail wraps, acrylic tips and so on. The key to a good nail technician practice is health and safety. In addition to attending lectures, one is also required to comply with the complete lab hours by giving the person an opportunity to practice techniques needed to be learned in class. These lab hours usually involves working with the client. These laboratory hours that is involved in working with the clients may also be a factor when you are looking for a job in the future. These laboratory techniques are taught by your instructors that gives you more hands on experiences. This course might as well be related to dental assistant its just that of these two: nail and teeth.

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ECG Technical Courses

ECG technicians help doctors in ruling out and in caring for illnesses that involves the heart. ECG technicians operate the devices and are responsible for checking the devices if it is functioning. So what are the duties and responsibilities of an ECG technician? First, they operate a device that will record the activities of the heart that can help in diagnosing a heart problem by attaching electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms and legs and these electrodes are connected to the ECG machine. They also schedule appointments and review the patient’s files. They assess the patients on certain conditions also considering the physical and psychological aspects. It is also a part of their responsibility to check the devices for any malfunctions and refills the paper and ink. They also include in the information sheet that traces that points to the places of the electrodes. After doing the ECG test and the results have already been printed out, the ECG technician will then forward this printout to the physician for further evaluation. As a part of the health care team, the ECG technicians collaborate with the other members of the health care team. They must be able to work with them and must have good communication skills. There are some ECG technicians that go into specializations like stress testing, cardiac catheterizations and Holter monitoring.

What are the requirements needed to be a successful ECG Technician? The first step in being a successful ECG technician is to have a good ECG technician education. Same goes to X-ray technician must take up x-ray technician education. Education has always been the first step that every person must take to be successful. Most ECG technicians finished a two or four year program that includes lectures and practical trainings from an accredited ECG technician school. It is always important to choose a school that is accredited since they offer a good quality of education that is enough to equip its students for their chosen careers. For those who are taking a two year program, the first year is usually focused on the main subjects while the third year is more on specializations like invasive or non-invasive cardiovascular technology. Finishing these programs will make an individual a qualified ECG technician. Today, there are ECG schools that offer a one-year certification program but are more focused on on-job trainings for 16 weeks on ECG, stress test and Holter monitoring. Licensure and certification may not be needed but having these will give a person an edge especially in job opportunities.

ECG Technicians salary can be in an average of $3,000 a year. Those who took specializations like stress test and etc are paid more because they have added knowledge and skills. ECG technician salary also having more years of experience is paid $15 to $20 an hour and new ECG technicians will earn $10 an hour. Usually, the salary depends on the health institution where one is working. The location of the work area is also another factor since institutions like hospitals or clinics located in metropolitan or high-end cities will definitely pay their workers more because of the way of living. Being an ECG technician is really expected to grow today in the coming years.

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Medical Assistant Career Outlook

Medical assistants do all routine clerical and clinical duties to make sure the efficiency of physicians, podiatrists and other clinical offices. Medical assistants are not the same as the physician assistants. Physician assistant’s job includes examining, finding out diseases and giving out utmost patient care with the supervision of a physician. A lot of factors influence the duties of medical assistants like the location of the practice as well as the doctor’s area of specialty. In practices where it is small, these medical assistants are called as generalists with both administrative and medical responsibilities. Including on their job is to report to physicians or managers. But on the other hand, those who are working in larger practices specialize in some areas and supervised by department administrators. Other responsibilities include greeting patients, answering telephone calls, maintaining medical records, filling up forms, making patient appointments, managing billing and setting up hospital admissions.

Job Overview

Some states have given different clinical duties like recovering patient’s records and history, checking vital signs, preparing and reporting laboratory specimens and cleaning up medical supplies. Medical assistants also instruct and keep the patients informed on treatments like diets and medications, preparing medicines and giving it to the patients. They also put forward prescriptions to the pharmacy, prepare patients for special procedures like x-rays and ECG and changes dressings. It is also a part of their job to organize and maintain the instruments and the materials and make sure that examining rooms are clean after use. Those medical assistants who have specializations perform more duties than the regular medical assistants. Like the ophthalmic medical assistants, their job is to perform eye care. They also assist the patient during basic contact care. They also give medications for the eyes and give eye dressings. For podiatric medical assistants, they assist during surgery. Medical assistants work in different areas. Some work in doctors’ offices and some in private or public hospitals. Some also worked in specialized health care institutions.

Medical Assistant Requirements

So what are the requirements needed when thinking of becoming a medical assistant? First, having a high school diploma is the basic requirement when entering the field of medical assistants. Having a medical assistant education is really important since most employers wanted to hire those who have received a formal training program from an accredited school. There are schools that offer a one year program and when completed can give a person a certificate. Community colleges also offer a two year program which is much better needed when assisting doctors in examining the patients. When enrolled in a medical assistant school, the program includes lectures on subjects like anatomy, physiology, medical terminologies and a lot more. During the course of the program, students are taught on how to do laboratory techniques and procedures. It might include the basics for massage therapy for instance. And practical trainings are being done on computer and accounting aspects. After finishing the program, having a certification and registration may not be one of the requirements but having this will give the person a good standing.

Medical Assistant Salary

Medical assistant’s salary is influenced by a lot of factors which is training, experience and the location of the work. Medical assistants having an associate or two year program degree can earn more than those who have no training. The average salary of medical assistants is $25,000 a year but this still depends on the State where one is working.

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Massage Thereapy as a Fast Track Career

Every person in this earth always experiences stress and tiredness due to school, work, problems and a lot of factors. That is why sometimes, we think of ways on how to relax and free our minds from stress and problems. Before, we don’t have any options but just to stay at home and sleep. But today, a lot of business centers like hotels and spas are being built to give us a lot of options on how we can relax. Spas are the best place to go because it serene and peaceful environment will give a person the peace of mind and the massage given by the massage therapist will keep a person stress-free. Massage therapist gives a massage to clients for beneficial purposes like relaxation and therapeutic reasons.

Massage therapists work in health clubs, spas, hotels and resorts. Some of them preferred to be self employed and give home services by appointments. Before doing massage sessions, it is important for the massage therapists to take the clients medical history in order to identify if the massage can be beneficial or harmful. Then, does a treatment plan to what type of massage will be used. For those with problems to which the massage can trigger such symptoms, the massage therapists should contact the physician and ask if doing a massage is okay or not. Then, try to assess the client’s tissue condition, joint function and range of motion. When everything is ready and all data’s have been gathered, the session may start. Prepare the oil and lubricant and apply it to the client’s skin. The massage is done by kneading or rubbing the skin and applying pressure to specific points.

Massage will be a great help in stimulating and improving the circulation of blood. Sometimes the use of dry heat treatments and ultraviolet lights is included in the treatment plan. Massage will definitely promote health and wellness.

In becoming a massage therapist a formal training and education is needed. Massage therapist schools only accept those with a high school diploma. The training usually depends on the institution and also with the State. But, usually the training lasts for 6 to 12 months. The massage therapist education includes a program with both lectures and practice of massage. Lectures on subjects like anatomy, physiology, ethics and the proper techniques in doing massage are being taught. After graduating in a massage therapy school, workers must obtain a license before practicing. They must pass the State exam or two nationally recognized exams. Some enroll in schools that offer advanced classes for acupunctures and etc.

A massage therapist salary depends on the location of the work, kinds of services offered, level of experience and also the number of working hours. The average salary of a massage therapist may range from $32,000. The hourly rate may be around $35-$40 plus tips and benefits. A therapists working in a city like New York is expected to have a salary that is more than those working in small cities. Massage therapist with an experience of 10 years and more will definitely earn a lot while new ones will start at a rate of $20 an hour.

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X rays and X Ray Technicicans

An x-ray technician is a trained health care worker, with specific skills in the area of manipulating x-ray equipment to take inside pictures of the body so that diseases, conditions, or injury can be visualized and diagnosed. In this growing field, most x-ray techs train for a year or two prior to working in a variety of locations. Training in this field most often occurs at trade schools. Usually an x-ray technician is trained to spot problems that require emergency treatment and will notify a radiologist immediately if a serious problem exists. The one thing an x-ray technician cannot do under virtually all circumstances is to discuss findings of an x-ray with a patient. This is the work of a radiologist, doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. A skilled x-ray technician may be able to spot potential problems on x-ray images, but their role is not to interpret and discuss results with patients. Patients receiving x-rays should respect these health professionals by not asking them about results or treatment. Instead, ask the x-ray technician when a radiologist or doctor will read the films, and when they can expect to hear from a radiologist or doctor about the results.


There are formal trainings for one to become an xray technician but before entering in this field of work, one must consider if he/she is well-suited for the job. It is not just a simple job because certain complications considering health might occur. In order to train formally, one must finish high school or get a high school diploma. There are programs that last for 1 year with a maximum of 4 years. A person may graduate from a radiologic program and become an x-ray technician with an associate’s degree, which requires about two years of training. While this is a common choice for many who pursue this career, it is not the only path to this job; there are also training programs that grant certificates of completion and bachelor’s degrees.


There are schools/colleges that offers xray technician trainings or courses. Among the top listed schools are South University, Virginia college, American Intercontinental College, Rasmussen College, and Ashford University. These schools also offer trainings through online which gives oppurtunities for interested applicants which have limited resources and availability.


Although being an x-ray technician requires skillful training, it gives good salary in return. An hourly rate of an x-ray technician averages from $16 – $23, with an overtime pay which reaches to $22 – $35. But also, a person must consider the health risk that an x-ray technician mught encounter. So before deciding, one should balnce the situations and circumstances.

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Lab Technician Career Program

Are you finishing high school and wondering what career is right for you? Are you bored with your current dead-end work situation? Are you looking for something exciting and different every day? Well, then you might want to look into a career as a medical and clinical lab technician.

What does a medical and clinical laboratory technician do?

Medical lab techs compare blood compatibility for blood transfusions and perform blood counts. They also, analyze blood, urine, and other body fluids, as well as tissues, using a microscope or automatic analyzer to detect abnormalities and disease, and then enter the results into a computer. Analyze and record test data to prepare results to be read and interpreted by other medical personnel. Inoculate fertilized eggs, broths, or other bacteriological media with organisms. Examine cells for abnormalities. Techs will consult with a pathologist to determine a diagnosis when abnormalities are present. In addition, techs will collect blood and tissue samples from patients, set up, maintain, clean, calibrate, test the sterility of medical lab equipment and maintain laboratory records. Med techs will usually work under the supervision of a medical lab technologist, pathologist, or medical lab manager.

What tools are medical and clinical lab techs trained to use?

A med tech uses many different tools to carry out their work. Some of these are coagulation analyzers, hematology analyzers, chemistry analyzers, phlebotomy trays or accessories, vacuum blood collection tubes or containers. Some of the software that techs are trained to be fluent in include accounting and billing software, data base user interface and query software, spreadsheet software, word processing software, and medical software such as, microscopic image capturing software, specimen tracking software, and lab information system software.

What are some of the skills a medical and clinical lab tech needs to develop?

A med and clinical lab tech needs to have good reading comprehension, speaking skills, instruction skills, time management skills, and active listening and learning skills. Techs also need to be able to make good judgment calls and be careful about details, as their actions can potentially change the results to different tests. This job requires techs to be honest and ethical, reliable, responsible, and dependable. A tech may, at times, have to work in high stress situations, so techs have to be able to remain calm and keep their composure. Also, med techs have to be adaptable and flexible.

What are the educational requirements for a medical and clinical lab technician?

Med Techs receive an associate’s degree usually from a junior college or vocational school. Some can receive their training from a teaching hospital or the Armed Forces. Some can even receive their training with on the job experience combined with some education. What is the average technician salary for a lab tech? With proper schooling and job placement the average lab technician salary can range between $30,000 and $70,000 per year.

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Career overview of a Respiratory Therapist

Are you looking for a career in the medical field? Have you considered a career as a registered respiratory therapist? What is Respiratory Therapy? Simply put, it’s the assessment and treatment of breathing disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and COPD. Not so simply put, it’s the treatment of more acute multi systemic problems common with other pathological conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, shock, asphyxiation, drowning shock or trauma.

Back in the 1940’s a group of “oxygen jockeys” met with doctors to discuss the mechanics of their machines and the treatment of lung disease. They started giving classes, and eventually, it evolved into an accredited field. So yes, you’ll have to go to one of the many respiratory therapy schools and complete at least an Associate’s Degree. There are committees that support the accreditation, including: Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, or its predecessor, the Joint Review Committee for Respiratory Therapy Education, or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, or, in Canada, by the Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education. Unlike the early days, Respiratory Therapy is no longer just limited to oxygen machines and the use thereof… Education in anatomy, physiology, athophysiology, pharmaceutical agents, chemistry, physics, hemodynamics, and mechanical ventilation make a Respiratory Therapist an indispensable team member, so you’ll want to focus your efforts on a variety of these subjects.

But wait, it gets even better! Because cardiovascular and pulmonary systems are so closely related, Respiratory Therapists must also be skilled with the cardiovascular system, and participate in advanced life support situations, ECG testing and interpretation, cardiac stress testing, and critical care cardiac support. Respiratory Therapists also perform a number of tasks including: mechanical ventilation, intubation, arterial line insertion, cardiac catheter advancement, tracheostomy recannulation, nasotracheal suction, drawing and interpreting arterial blood gases, pulmonary waveform analysis, inhaled medication delivery, oxygen delivery, aerosol therapy device management, and pulmonary function tests.

Job Description

When a patient has no breathing control, they may need the assistance of a mechanical ventilator. That’s where you come in. Respiratory Therapists are usually the only expert operators of this type of machine. Patients undergoing stress affecting their homeostatic balance may need to be administered therapeutic gases such as oxygen, heliox, and nitric oxide. A Respiratory Therapist may be called upon to intubate a patient to provide an open and protected airway. They may consult and administer therapies to improve the cardiovascular-respiratory system function to prevent lactic acidosis. They may also be needed to clear excess mucus or fluids from the bronchial tree, and to control swelling and inflammation in the bronchial passages. Ok, that’s not so glamorous, but hey, it’s necessary.

Here’s the glamour part… Respiratory Therapists play a critical part in the Code Team of an ICU/ER. They are responsible for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of the patient, as well as establishing an open and protected airway (intubation). You’ll also be called upon to do Cardiac testing, the placement of Arterial Lines, and drawing Arterial Blood Gases for ventilation/oxygenation analysis. Like to wear a beeper? Respiratory Therapists are the only professionals other than nurses and doctors who are available to provide care to ICU/ER patients 24 hrs a day.

Respiratory Therapy Salary

So let’s talk turkey for a moment. What’s the payoff besides the beeper and the reward of knowing how many lives you’ve saved in a day’s work? Median salary for less than one year experience ranges between $16 to $21 per hour. That’s not bad to start. One to four years experience ranges from $18 to $23 per hour. Five to nine years will get you $20 to $25, and stick with it a little longer, say ten to nineteen years, and you get $21 to $29.

So in summary, Respiratory Therapy is a demanding, but equally rewarding field, providing the opportunity for variety, from the assessment and treatment of breathing disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and COPD, to the more acute multi systemic problems common with other pathological conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, shock, asphyxiation, drowning shock or trauma. So what are you waiting for? Respiratory Therapy is waiting for you.

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